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...The bunnies were indeed cute, but when Doug asked if I wanted to hold one, I was horrified!  Who doesn’t like cute little bunnies… well… that would be me!  I don’t like rodents as I had a bad experience with a pet hamster and its teeth as a youngster. However, I bravely accepted his offer and held one of the adult bunnies.  I must have looked very uncomfortable (a picture of a peeing rabbit kept running through my mind) as Doug offered to take the bunny away after only a few seconds.  We chatted briefly (about what, I can’t really remember), and that was the end of our first meeting. 

The Vending Machine Incident

(a few months prior)

Chemistry class just finished, and I was having one of my chip cravings.  I had a few minutes before I needed to head to my next class so I went upstairs to the vending machine in hopes of purchasing a bag of nice crunchy chips.  Disappointment washed over me as I saw that there were two other students in front of me.  There was a girl with brown hair trying to purchase an Oh Henry! bar and a tall Asian guy standing in line behind her.  I decided to wait in line since I really wanted those chips!  As it turned out, the girl had put her money in but the candy bar was annoyingly jammed between the coils.  She was desperately trying to move the machine to knock her candy bar over to no effect.  The tall Asian guy seeing the dilemma lingered as if trying to decide if he should help, but eventually he left and stood by the doorway, inconspicuously watching.  So that left me.  I decided to sacrifice my bag of chips in order to help out the girl.  I put my money in the machine and hoped that by buying an Oh Henry! bar that I would be able to push her candy bar out.  My plan worked!  I had helped her out, but now was stuck with eating a candy bar instead of my chips.  As I left the Chemistry building, I saw that the tall Asian had been waiting and watching the whole time.  I thought to myself: "I wonder if he was waiting to get two candy bars for the price of one?"  It wasn’t until a few months later that I figured out the identity of the tall Asian guy - it was Doug!  Now knowing Doug for over 9 years, the two for one thing totally makes sense.

Doug Creates an Opportunity

After that “first” meeting we began to talk on the telephone and started a close friendship.  I was working on an English essay and was getting quite frustrated at my old dot matrix printer.  I had not been doing very well in my English class and Doug was offering advice on how to improve my essay since he was supposed to be the “best writer in high school" (at least according to his friend whom I knew).  He said that in order to get higher marks, I needed to improve the “look” as esthetics is also part of the grading.  He finally convinced me to accompany him to Future Shop since he had a friend that would give me a good deal on a new printer.  I think Doug ended up swinging a pretty good deal for the printer (one of his talents, I would go on to discover) and to celebrate we then went out for a casual lunch at Milestone’s.  There I first witnessed one of Doug’s famous sneezing attacks!  I learned that, apparently, when he gets full he sneezes a lot.  I counted 18 sneezes!  I was a bit embarrassed… but I also thought it was kind of cute.

Later when I told my mom that I got a good deal on my new printer and saved a lot of money she insisted that I should compensate Doug for his help (a Chinese thing).  She gave me her Christmas bonus of $50 in gift certificates to The Keg and told me to thank Doug by buying him dinner.  I know Doug took this as a “positive” sign because he seemed really encouraged when I asked him to dinner.

My first feeling that this was not going to be just an ordinary dinner was when Doug picked me up along with a bouquet of three roses.  During dinner, as a joke, I asked him to cut my steak “filet” style… and lo and behold he did!  I knew at that moment that he was a keeper since he was willing to do silly things at my request!  After dinner, I caught Doug staring at the fireplace lost in deep thought.  He must have been thinking about something really hard because he didn’t hear me come up behind him.  In fact, I startled him so much he elbowed me in the face!  We then went to the Lunar New Year Festival at PNE to check out the celebrations, and then headed to have some cheesecake at Tigers.  There he told me that the three roses he bought me represented three words that he wanted to express to me.  I was a little confused at first… and then I realized what he was trying to convey.  I smiled and softly said, “I feel the same.”


     With love,