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September 20, 2009




Sarah turned eight months old and finally erupted a tooth!  On September 11, she weighed 8.19kg (18lb) and was 71cm long.  She had put on a lot of weight after being sick last month but has stopped eating as much and her weight has been hovering around the 8.2kg mark for almost two weeks.  As opposed to when she was just a few months old, she is now very adamant about what, when, and how much she wishes to eat (both milk and solids).  There is absolutely no way of forcing her to eat nowadays!  Perhaps her decreased appetite has something to do with teething, as the first of two lower front teeth have finally made an appearance.  Her sleep has been disrupted this month as well – there were two weeks where she kept waking up in the middle of the night more often than not, but now her good sleep habits have returned and she is once again sleeping about 11 hours through the night.

We went to two Chinese wedding banquet celebrations (congratulations to newlyweds Wendy and Tomek and Leslie and Jeff!) this month with Sarah and although her usual bedtime is around 8:15pm and most banquets don’t even start until close to 7:30pm, she did fairly well and stayed up without complaining until 9:15pm both times.  We managed to make it through all ten courses at one banquet and six courses at the other (the food service was slowed by games and speeches).


Mommy's Birthday!

Leslie's and Jeff's Wedding Banquet

Next up is Sarah’s first (real) cruise!  We’ll be sailing aboard the Coral Princess from Vancouver to Los Angeles on September 21 and then staying in the City of Angels for a week.

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