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Written independently, do their recollections of nine years ago differ?

According to Doug:

loria and I ‘officially’ met with the help of our Maid of Honour, Eli, in December 1996 during our second year of University. However, this meeting was not just happenstance – it was orchestrated by matchmaker Eli months in advance! 

Prior to this, though, there were a few times where fate crossed our paths yet we did not meet.  In July 1993, both of us attended summer school at Churchill.  However, Gloria was apparently taking Social Studies 11, and I was taking Biology 11.  As it were, my friend from Churchill had a crush on one of her friends from Eric Hamber and he would mingle with her crowd (which included Gloria), but I never did, and thus never met or saw her...

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According to Gloria:

Doug Plots a First Meeting


  was first introduced  to Doug through Eli in December of 1996.  I had met Eli during our first year in Pharmacy school and we became fast friends.  She always mentioned that she had a very good guy friend whom she wanted me to meet.  I remember that she described him to me as “half a kid and half a girl at heart."  I must admit, I was curious to meet this friend of hers.  In the end, Eli and Doug premeditated what they thought would be a great casual meeting for us. Apparently, Doug had a pair of bunnies that gave birth to a few bunnies a few weeks earlier.  Eli drove me and a few of my friends over to Doug’s house... 

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