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November 1, 2009




Yesterday for her first Hallowe'en, we took Sarah trick-or-treating along Cambie Village and at Oakridge Centre in the daytime and briefly for a few blocks in the neighbourhood in the evening.  The weather was more than we could ask for: it was nice and sunny in the afternoon and not rainy nor cold in the evening.  She was dressed as a ladybug and seemed to really enjoy going out to collect candy, despite not being able to eat it.  When she got home, she had a great time playing with her graspable candy bars.  Her favourite seems to be Smarties, which makes a great deal of noise when shaken!

Ready to Trick-or-Treat!

Mom and Our Little Ladybug

Sarah Loved Shaking the Smarties!


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November 16, 2009  


Sarah went for her 10-month-old checkup today at the Paediatrician's office and she weighed in at only 8.37kg (18lbs 6oz) with a length of 74.5cm.  The last week or so she has not been at all interested in eating or nursing.  We hope it's just transient due to something like teething (she has two bottom teeth and four teeth on top are clearly on their way).  Her weight, which was once closer to the 75th percentile is now more like the 25% percentile!  We've been trying to increase her calories by giving her things like Liberté Mediterranean yogurt which has 8.5% milk fat.  She continues to enjoy avocados, cantaloupe, Earth's Best Green Beans and Brown Rice, but also has taken a liking to berries (blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries) and congee.  Hopefully, her 11 month growth measurements will be better!

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