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June 30, 2010



Sarah turned seventeen months old on the 11th and she weighed 9.69kg and measured 81.5cm long.  We're pleased and relieved that her sleep patterns have returned to their pre-Hawaii pattern since the last update.  She now will typically fall asleep at around 8:00pm and sleep until after 7:00am.  She usually will take one nap from noon until about 2:00pm.  She was indeed erupting teeth and now she has a full complement of sixteen teeth!  We wonder if that may have been the reason she was sleeping so poorly for all of May.  Nonetheless, we are now more hesitant about vacationing anywhere where there is a significant time zone change!

On June 11, we noticed after she woke up that she had a small collection of blood in the outside corner of her left eye.  We weren't too startled because it was easily identifiable as a subconjunctival hemorrhage, which is simply a burst blood vessel.  These are somewhat uncommon in children but we figured she had strained or sneezed and caused it.  However, the collection of blood kept getting larger and after two weeks of this we took her to see the Pediatric Ophthalmologist.  Fortunately, she did not have any bleeding in the retina or elsewhere and in fact she started developing a bruise underneath the eye, which implies that she actually banged her eye and face against something.  We didn't witness any such trauma and she never cried in pain so we are a bit baffled as to how she managed to sustain such an injury without even complaining!  Anyhow, now the white of her eye is finally looking white again but around the eye it looks like she lost in a bar brawl or something!

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