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(As told by Doug)

The goal of the proposal was to surprise Gloria.  Since we had talked about getting married she knew that I would propose soon, and since I'm usually so "boring" that must mean that I would propose on the date of our 8th year Anniversary, right?  I intentionally dropped all sorts of hints that we were going to celebrate on Saturday the 5th. 

On Wednesday the 2nd, I had her cousin Elisa "invite" us to go and eat at the Boathouse (we eat with them quite regularly, so it was nothing that out of the ordinary).  At the last minute, she called Gloria to say that her 1-year-old daughter Ashlyn (our flower girl) had vomited and that they wouldn't be able to go, but that we should go anyway since we had a reservation.  To my surprise, Gloria didn't suspect anything.

We had a nice dinner at the Boathouse in English Bay (I made the reservation for four plus a baby so that she wouldn't get suspicious when we arrived) and after dinner we went back to her house.  While we were at dinner, Elisa and her husband, and Jeff had come in and set up her room.

Balloons, a vase of flowers, and a bouquet of 8 roses (one for each year we had dated) were placed according to plan.  During the day I had taken the day off from work (thanks Heather and Kathy!) and made chocolate covered strawberries which were in a nice basket.  I also had scented rose petals strewn all over the place and, in the background playing were some songs with meaning for us.  Little votive candles were placed all around the room.  On the bed was a Precious Moments Figurine showing the boy proposing but not finding the ring in the box but rather on the dog's nose. (The dog has special meaning since she loves her other cousin's Shar-pei and we walk him quite often).

Underneath her desk was a plush Shar-pei with the engagement ring around its nose.  I gently directed her into her room and eventually she took the figurine out of the bag, and then I grabbed the dog and proposed.  I actually forgot to kneel in all the excitement (also forgot my speech) so she made me ask again while on one knee!

She was completely shocked and had no idea I was going to propose that day.  She thought it was going to be Saturday or one of the weekends that had already passed.  She was in awe for days!



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