August 30, 2004


We registered the domain name

August 31, 2004


We booked the reception venue - Shiang Garden Restaurant. Originally we chose June 3 as the date, but this was later changed to May 27, which is more auspicious. According to Environment Canada records dating from 1953 to present, there is a 32.1% incidence of morning rain on the 4th Saturday in May!

November 6, 2004

Doug started to design the engagement ring.

November 14, 2004

We bought a bunch of wedding accessories (garter set, cake cutting set, guestbook, ring pillow, and flower girl basket) from Things Remembered.  Why do we need a cake cutting set that we will only use once?

January 8, 2005

We attended Wedding Fair.  Who knew there were so many bridezillas?

February 4, 2005


We got engaged!

March 7, 2005

We went to our first bridal dress store (Always and Forever Bridal Boutique), and Gloria tried on her first gown.

March 24, 2005


We went to Something Blue Bridal and tried on yet more gowns.

April 2, 2005

We went to Lisa's Bridal and The Bridal Gallery with Katie and Elisa.

April 17, 2005


We went to Carmela Wedding Boutique (now no longer in business) to look for gowns.

April 22, 2005

Yet another bridal gown day - this time to see Sandra Sung.

May 6, 2005

  While on vacation in the San Francisco Bay area, we bought gold shoes for the tea ceremony at Off 5th Saks and Mikasa petals for décor.

May 19, 2005


More gown shopping - we went to Bisou Bridal.  They have really odd gowns from France.

May 21, 2005

The quest for the bridal dress included Whiteday, Sposa, and some stores along Hastings St.  Gloria found "the dress!"

May 30, 2005


With the help of many friends and family, we plugged up the phone lines to Cecil Green Park House and reserved it as our ceremony site for May 27.

June 6, 2005

We finally ordered the bridal dress!  Nobody can say that we didn't look carefully!  We found the best price at Pearl's Place (in Louisiana).

June 20, 2005


We bought some bridal shoes (Kenneth Cole Bride To Be) to go with the dress.  Gloria was aerating the lawn in her 3¾" heels!

June 25, 2005

We bought our bowl centerpieces from Mikasa in Woodburn, OR.

July 3, 2005

  We bought Swarovski Toasting Flutes.

July 4, 2005


We went for our first flower consultation at Lobban's Flower Shop.

July 22, 2005

We bought floating cherry blossom candles from Illuminations for our centerpieces.  What a saga this turned out to be!  Over half of the candles were the wrong colour and it took three months and two shipments from the outlet store in Vacaville, CA to get it right!

August 3, 2005   We bought our napkin rings from five different Pier 1 Imports stores in the Portland area.
August 4, 2005   We bought the mirrors for our centerpieces from IKEA in Seattle.
August 10, 2005   We bought some sample Jordan Almond flowers from ebay, to see if they would be suitable as favours.

September 3, 2005


We bought 64 bottles of wine from Bevmo in San Francisco and in New Jersey!  Special thanks to our favourite Amerifriends Katie, Wilson, Jen, Carrie, and Keith for siphoning them back two bottles at a time!

September 27, 2005

We booked our officiant - Ken Dong.

October 10, 2005   We drafted the wording for our invitations.
October 13, 2005   Do-It-Yourself Bride Gloria started making votives with petal bottoms.

October 19, 2005


Gloria went for another flower consultation - with Kathleen Chiu of Proline Trading.

October 22, 2005


We had our autumn photoshoot with Storybook Wedding Photography.

October 31, 2005   We registered as well.  We booked Fisherman's Terrace Restaurant for our Chinese Engagement dinner on March 18.

November 2, 2005


We booked our makeup artist - Jessica Hsia.

November 8, 2005


We started scanning items in for our gift registry.  This sounds fun but is really exhausting!

November 9, 2005   We met with our videographer - Tony Wong of Innostudios.

November 11, 2005


This website went live!

November 23, 2005


We booked our musicians (harp, viola, and flute) for the ceremony.

December 8, 2005


Bridesmaid Katie selected a bridesmaid dress style and was measured by the seamstress.

December 10, 2005


We had our winter photoshoot with Storybook Wedding Photography.

December 11, 2005   We bought the fabric for the bridesmaid dresses.

December 15, 2005


We bought champagne flutes as favours - well, at least a component of them.

December 17, 2005


Bridesmaid Eli selected a bridesmaid dress style and was measured by the seamstress.

December 30, 2005


We left Vancouver for Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.  See the Travel Diary for wedding planning progress in January!

February 4, 2006   We've been engaged for a year!  We ordered more favour components (Jordan Almond Flowers).
February 5, 2006   We ordered more favour components (20 lbs of pink chocolate-coated Jordan Almonds).
February 7, 2006   We met with Carlos Perez of UBC Catering and decided on the food and its presentation for the ceremony at Cecil Green Park.
February 8, 2006   We found a custom dressmaker - Jennifer's Bridal in Vancouver - to make Gloria's red evening gown.  We ordered personalized stamps for our invitations.
February 9, 2006   We met with Kathleen of Proline Trading, who doubled as the florist and our decorator.
February 11, 2006   We ordered pink shoes (Via Spiga Sancia) for the cheong sam.
February 18, 2006   We went shopping in the States over President's Day and bought a ton of accessories (Swarovski tiara, earrings, and necklace and bridesmaid's jewelry).
February 19, 2006   We bought Via Spiga burgundy shoes to go with Gloria's red evening gown.
February 27, 2006   We met with Ron at Anna's Cake House and ordered our wedding cake.  We also got our marriage license from London Drugs, of all places!
February 28, 2006   Gloria went for the first fitting of her red evening gown.
March 1, 2006   We met with our Officiant, Ken Dong.  Bridesmaid Katie went for her dress fitting.
March 4, 2006   We booked our tuxedos (for the groomsmen, dads, and Gloria's brother) at Black & Lee.
March 6, 2006   Gloria's uncle returned from Hong Kong with her cheong sam and our invitations!  Gloria went to the seamstress to get her wedding gown altered.
March 8, 2006   We bought paper at Loomis Art Store and printed map inserts for our invitations.
March 9, 2006   Gloria ordered her veil from The Brides' Project, which is a unique initiative to help children with cancer.
March 11, 2006   We went to The Bay to scan more items into our registry.
March 12, 2006   We went to Home Outfitters to scan more items into our registry.
March 18, 2006   This was our official Chinese "Engagement" Day, whereby Doug presented Gloria's family with a whole roast pig, chickens, various dried foods, wine, and a good stack of cash (which was returned) as offerings for her hand in marriage.  See the photos here.
March 27, 2006   We bought tuxedos for our ring bearers, (Alex and Ryan), plus shoes for them and the flower girls (Alyssa and Ashlyn).
March 31, 2006   Gloria went for a second fitting of her red evening gown.  It wasn't exactly what we had envisioned, and we made some design modifications.  We registered as well.
April 1, 2006   We started to make our favours, having assembled almost all of the components.
April 3, 2006   We visited Marty at Broadway Jewelers to design Gloria's matching wedding band.
April 6, 2006   We bought dresses for our flower girls (Alyssa and Ashlyn).  We bought another 12 bottles of red wine.  We bought 45 lbs (!) of M&M's for the favours!
April 10, 2006   Gloria went for a third fitting of her evening gown and now with the design modifications it was exactly what we wanted.  We brought tuxedos to the ring bearers.
April 13, 2006   Bridesmaid Katie went for her final dress fitting.
April 14, 2006   We met with Allen, the manager at Shiang Garden Restaurant, to go over the details of our reception.
April 17, 2006   We went for a fourth fitting of Gloria's red evening gown and everything was progressing well. 
April 20, 2006   Gloria went for a hair trial with Jessica Hsia.  Do-It-Yourself Bride Gloria started making her wedding cake-shaped card box.
April 21, 2006   We finalized the audio arrangements for the ceremony with Marc Chan of Performance Visual Works.
April 23, 2006   Gloria went for a hair and makeup trial and we took a few photos.
April 26, 2006   We finalized our details with Carlos Perez of UBC Catering, and also with Kathleen Chiu (flowers and décor).
May 2, 2006   We decided to make another evening gown and bought material at Rocco's and Fabricland.
May 5, 2006   We made a $1000 donation to the BC Cancer Foundation on behalf of our guests.
May 7, 2006   We attached favour tags to all the napkin rings.
May 8, 2006   We had a sample banquet at Shiang Garden and decided on the menu.
May 9, 2006   We assembled all of our votive candles.
May 10, 2006   We went for a dance lesson with Wendy at Grand Ballroom.
May 15, 2006   Do-It-Yourself Bride Gloria made a pen stand for our sign-in table.
May 16, 2006   We went to Shiang Garden with our decorator and coordinators Mimi and Monica to set up a prototype table.
May 17, 2006   Gloria went for another hair trial.  We got our large portrait framed.  We went for our second dance lesson with Wendy at Grand Ballroom.  Doug truly has two left feet!
May 21, 2006   Gloria had her bridal shower.
May 21, 2006   We went with bridesmaid Eli to the seamstress for a first fitting of her dress.
May 22, 2006   We bought another 6 bottles of white wine.  We went to Anna's Cake House and finalized our cupcakes and cake orders with Ron.  We went to see the seamstress for a fitting of Gloria's second evening gown.  Gloria went with bridesmaid Eli for a second fitting of her bridesmaid's dress.
May 23, 2006   We went to Cool Creations and ordered our dragon and phoenix ice sculptures.  We went to UBC for our ceremony rehearsal.  We went to the seamstress with bridesmaid Eli for a third fitting.
May 24, 2006   Doug picked up the tuxedos from Black & Lee and his own vest and tie from Moore's.  Unfortunately, the tie from Moore's looked awful - like a Christmas tie!  We met with cousins Mimi and Monica again, to go over the final details.  We printed ceremony programs.
May 25, 2006   We bought a better looking silver tie at Tie Rack.  We brought the centerpieces, wine, and juice to Shiang Garden.  Doug went to test the audio and video at Shiang Garden with super helpful and diligent Wilson (husband of bridesmaid Katie).  We made signs.
May 26, 2006   Gloria took her bridesmaids out for a spa day at Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa.  We picked up the dance floor from Pedersen's Rentals and delivered it to Shiang Garden.  We also dropped off our favours at the restaurant and went over the final schedule.  We practised dancing with Gloria's wedding gown and shoes and found it very difficult to move without tripping!  We decorated the SL55 ///AMG (family friend's car) and the CLK320.
May 27, 2006   Our wedding day!   See our Wedding in Review Highlights Slideshow and our Wedding Day Photos!
June 1, 2006   We left for our honeymoon!  See our Photographic Honeymoon Diary!