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August 11, 2009




Sarah approached her seventh month by getting her second cold (yes, again from Doug).  This time the whole family was sick.  She had poor appetite and had trouble nursing because her nose was so congested.  Our perfect nighttime sleeper kept waking up at night congested and basically nobody slept all week.  However, she still managed to weigh in at 7.85kg (17lb 4oz) and was 70cm long.  We think she would have gained more weight if she hadn't gotten sick. 

Sarah had managed to cut down to two long naps prior to getting sick but seems to have regressed back to three naps daily again.  In terms of her development, she has managed to improve her sitting and rolling back-to-front and enjoys standing with support.  She now grabs at more things too.  There are still no teeth and she doesn't look particularly close to crawling (we think she will walk before crawling).

We've tried Sarah on a variety of foods and she has learned how to eat much more quickly now.  She likes Nestle cereal, a variety of fruits, Cheerios, and Baby Mum Mums.  We're going to try to give her a bit more meat in the coming weeks.

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