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April 19, 2010  


Sarah went for her fifteenth month check-up today and she weighed 9.25kg (20lbs 5oz) and measured 81cm long.

She continues to learn new things at an unbelievable rate.  She can finally get up entirely on her own and she can take a few steps backwards now.  She is also walking much more quickly which means we have to keep a closer eye on her.  She recently started putting two words together such as "up, please" (in English), "ball kick" (in Cantonese), "cloth wipe" (in Cantonese), and "berry none" (in Cantonese). 

Most days she takes only one nap about two hours long but on the occasional day she either wakes up early or looks tired and then she will take two naps, although it's very hard to fit both naps into a day.  She typically will be up five hours at a time now.

We're off to Hawaii soon and our next update will be about our Aloha trip!

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